Virus Removal

At DarkStar Computing we want to ensure that you have a great computer experience.  We remove malware and viruses without resetting your computer back to the factory defaults saving you time and money.

Viruses are annoying at best and dangerous at worst.  Most people put up with annoying viruses until they are unable to use the computer the way they want.  This is extremely dangerous because the annoying ones you can see; What about the ones you don't know about? Key loggers are designed to be hidden and steal your information from banking or any other online accounts.

Virus removal done right is one of the most difficult services to perform and why it is so expensive; however we have the best pricing in the industry.  Many customers think that purchasing a new computer will be cheaper than the removal of viruses and malware; However there are several things to consider: Backup and transfer of documents, pictures, settings, programs, passwords, and will my programs be compatible with the new computer.

If you have seen anything similar to these examples call us immediately.